Thursday, July 22, 2010

Team Support

Yesterday I realized just after take off that I could not transmit and only receive radio calls. Decided to fly the task anyway as it looked like a very good day. The problem would be my inability to contact the tower for landing notification. When Dennis did not receive my check in call on U.S. air he asked if I copied his transmission to click the mike three times. I did and Dennis replied ok 8H we copy. As I neared the field on final glide to the steering turn I received a call from Dennis asking if I was within 50 kilometers of the field and replied with my three clicks. The support team had been following my progress by monitoring my Spot tracking. Dennis was in the tower and advised the personnel that I would be coming in with no ability to contact them. It was a great relief when Dennis asked "8H are you on final glide--- 3 clicks; are you going to do a speed finish---silence; are you going to do a direct finish--- 3 clicks; 8H tower has you cleared for a direct finish and your crew is waiting on the end of the runway--- 3 clicks. Now thats support!
As I write this its nearing 9am and Rob and Wesley are assembling the glider and watering her up while I relax back at the hotel in the air conditioning. My crew is doing a great job and allowing me to conserve my energy. Rob found a loose connector on the back of the radio that caused my transmission problems yesterday and it was an easy fix. The field is extremely rough and taking off with full ballast is no fun. 8H