Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1 attempt again.

Roughly once a day I have a pilot wanting to know if we can talk to arrange a glider for them for Uvalde. The interesting thing is every two years the US pilots do the same, occasionally it works too. I was very fortunate when I cornered Gerhard Wiabel at the SSA convention and he got me in contact with Karl Klossok of Germany. Ray Gimmey and Dick Butler have also had the opportunity to fly his gliders over the years. This year I will be flying WK an ASW22BSE (I think it is like an L, but with an S instead), however I registered WK later than someone else, thanks to Ant (my crew) and some orange tape I am now W (Willat, Winner...), and some white tape to cover the old lettering.

Today was Day 1 that did not happen. SS and I are in row 1, and I got takeoff order number 1...yep thats first to launch, on an English looking day. Task B was set for 15meter and Open, while 18meter got canceled. Then 15meter got to go home. While the open class waited. We were ready to go when the launch was pushed back 30min. Which ment I sat in the glider another 30min ready to go, it was a nice cool day on the ground. Ant pulled the vent tapes and wing-wheel, holding the wing level. I had the engine up and primed and was about 1min to hit the starter when they canceled the day. I was hoping the kiddy gliders would show there support and stick it out with us. But they quickly de-rigged. Eventually the open was canceled at 2:28. The sky looked ok to do the task, starting immediately, not with 50 gliders though, cloud-base was a little low. Then with 60min launch, plus 20-30min for gate open after first launch...That would a mean a start close to 3:50 , and the soarable weather ended at would have been hard for a 2hr task.

Sooo...we grid squat tomorrow, the weather is improving, we are here to race, so we will be ready to race.