Thursday, July 29, 2010


There was the start gate gaggle, the one cloud near the line with all of the open class gliders and a few kiddy gliders. I had managed to find my way to the top of this thermal, and we waited. My lack of patience got the better of me and we started. SS and I went through the gate at about the same time, and both connected between clouds with what felt like wave, I thought we were having a pretty good run. SS was having issues with his bug wiper (we serously think they are over rated and not worth the hassle). I was looking at some good looking clouds left of course in the forest area. However it was too far left of course. The clouds were not that much better and straight on course which were developing fine....soooo...... we got run over. But we were with a fast pack X, N1, 110....and we led a few times, we followed, we were all playing hop scotch. Getting into the last turn I think we even might have snuck slightly ahead of the we started final glide first. We went left (again....pattern here) to some decaying...thought they were developing clouds, I needed about 1300ft for a 3knt MC final glide, the clouds ahead decaying. So i turned it down to a 0 and we could make it, so we throttled first gear. The group behind us went straight on course and bumped up to a nice final glide and beat us home. I think there was a group of 6 or so that landed first. Unfortunately they also started after us, so time will tell what happens on the score sheet. I am exhausted and going to bed now.