Saturday, July 24, 2010

last practice day

Disclaimer....grammar and spelling are generally incorrect.

I cannot even tell you how long I have been here now. I was one of the first to arrive to Szeged, and the glider which was so kindly delivered by one of the Dutch crew is ready to race. After a few very confusing days I realized the 302 needle was incorrect, but the audio fine. So after placing the Clear-Nav (thank you N-K team) over the 302, everything is working great. I rented a caravan and it is starting to feel like my home away from home. I am borrowing a mini-hearse from Francois Jeremiasse. Its not really a hearse, but it does look like one, and towing an open class trailer with a VW Golf it does look like it could end there.

Ron and I had an excellent opportunity to fly together, on the last practice day, picking the same lines and sharing information, like a 7knt thermal I flew around. For some reason Ron's score did not appear on the score sheet, I am sure we were close together, I tied for 2nd. It was fun meeting WE out on course too.

One of the practice days we mostly all flew together, the US Team, open class launching later. But calling a turn and racing off to it, then call the next point was a lot of fun. I picked a few in the blue, just to make it interesting. Actually the visibility has not been very good and looking more than 10miles is near impossible. I am very happy they do not task MAT's here, it would be miserable, well 270 turnpoints might make it easier. Which has now been cut down to the low 200's.

Ant and I are ready to race. It seems everything is working in the glider. Now just waiting for a flyable day.