Friday, July 16, 2010

July 15 blog

July 15, Thursday

Up early, breakfast at the hotel, on the road again!  We have a beautiful drive to Linz.  However, once we get to Linz the GPS takes us thru downtown.  We hit a construction blockade in town and there are not any signs for detour.   The GPS continues to try to take us back to the construction spot so we finally turn it off.  We drive around Linz with the trailer (that was fun!) hoping to find a sign to Vienna (Wein).  Finally we see a sign for Wein (1) and off we go.   According to the map (1) parallels (A1) which is were we need to be.  We find a place to transition to (A1) and are once again on the route we should be on with GPS back on.  We've been in touch with Gary and he is behind us.  We finally reconnect with Gary before Vienna.  Coming up to Vienna Rob's GPS is taking us into the heart of Vienna - mapquest said we should take the ramp we just passed to bypass around town.  Gary called and wanted to know what we were doing since his GPS said to take the ramp also.  Decision was made to have Gary take the lead at the next ramp so his GPS could get us back to the bypass route.  Now we are back on track to Hungary.  We are once again in the lead due to traffic changes and soon don't see Gary (he had made a stop).  We cross into Hungary - we are getting close!  We soon stop for gas, bathroom (did we tell you that you have to pay to use but they are very clean?) and drinks.  While at the gas stop we see Gary pass by.  I text Gary to let him know we are behind him.   Gary soon stops for gas and we stop also to rejoin him.  Gary said he hoped the guys team fly better than we team drive!  Amen!  We arrive at Szeged airport without any trouble.  Lots of gliders - tomorrow is the last day of the Flat Land Cup (Hungarian Nationals) and lots of WGC gliders have arrived, also.  Milan finds us and discuss parking, ? want to fly tomorrow.  Trailers are parked, more talk (surprise) and then on to find Hotel Korona - our home for the next 3+ weeks.  Hotel Korona is very nice and has air conditioning!  Bill and Carol Elliott arrived earlier today.  After unloading the car we all go to look for dinner.  We enjoyed great food, great beer, great wine and great friends.  Back to the hotel - we are all road weary and ready for bed.  Finally sleep with a/c!!!!!!!
Rhonda Tyler, 8H Crew