Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Al Tyler July 14

"I don’t care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic gps’s riding on the windscreen of my car. Plastic gps she don’t slide cause her ass is vacuumised riding on the windscreen of my car! Plastic gps please don’t lie, if you do I might die, riding on the windscreen of my car."

Struggled to get going after yesterdays overcall. Met Gary at the Cobra factory around 10am and by the time everything was checked and shipping arrangements made with Agnes to get my glider back to the states, we depart around noon. Plan is to team trailer all the way to Szeged. About 100k along the way we come upon a traffic jam and Gary decides to take a parallel route off the autobahn and rejoin later. We have just passed Gary and watch in dismay as he attempts this maneuver. End of team trailering as his maneuver does not work and we are far ahead. No problem except, I have placed mine and Rhonda’s luggage in Gary’s car to make more room and save weight in our 4 cylinder wagon. New plan is for us to search out a motel (no easy feat yesterday) and call Gary to meet up for the evening. Nearing Passau we plan to get off but miss the correct turn and cross the Donau river. No problem just take the next off ramp and circle back to the autobahn. This is when the above referenced tune comes into play. With great faith in our plastic gps we wind thru a village down narrowing streets and finally down a one way cobble street. If you could have heard the expletives in the car you would surely advise we trade the plastic gps for a Jesus model. Finally out of the village we find ourselves headed to Linz but on a winding road following the bank of the Donau river parallel to the autobahn but one tall solid ridge away. Who cares, beautiful scenery and we are going in the general direction of our destination. Problem is its getting late and our luggage is with Gary. Around 8pm we see a beautiful hotel resort on the river with a small marina and a huge outdoor dining area and bar. Who needs fresh clothes for tomorrow? A very fast unanimous decision was made to stop for the night. What a great decision this turns out to be as the accommodations are stellar and we have a great meal outdoors by the river. The blond Austrian beers and blond Austrian waitresses were mighty fine. Lost is slow but this time all agree the gps did us a favor.