Sunday, August 1, 2010

Uh Oh........

So busy here I haven't had any time to write! We're sitting in the Team Office coordinating three retrieves. Bill Elliott outlanded north of here. Should be hearing from his crew soon. John Cochrane landed at the Kikinda Airport in Serbia. Adnon Mirza is on the way, but has been stuck at the Serbian border entry for over an hour with 25 other glider trailers and crews. Al Tyler outlanded in a wet field near Hovo Miloshevo, Serbia. He is waiting at the police station in that town for his crew.

Just had the chance to see some scores! YES! Go check them out!

Now, back to the retrieve story... Adnan finally made it through into Serbia and he must have connected with BB by now. Hoping to hear from them soon. Bill Elliott, his wife Carol and crew Gary Carter just returned to Szeged and are eating at the airport restaurant here. The 8H Crew, Rhonda and Wesley Tyler and Rob Ware have entered Serbia after a long wait at the border and should arrive at the police station to meet Al and his new friends. They may spend the night in Serbia and retrieve Al's glider from the field in the morning.